2020 Support
Packages and Pricing 

Our support services and packages have been updated for families during COVID-19 

Please contact us with any questions.


2020 Stork Support

Our standard package, ideal for any mom that wants the support of a doula as they transition into parenthood. This is for clients delivering at a hospital that is permitting doulas or at home.

-Virtual Prenatal

-In-Person Birth Support 

-Two Postpartum Check-Ins within the first week of returning home

-One Virtual Postpartum Follow-up Appointment with your Birth Doula within the first month

Package Total: $1200

2020 Stronger Package

Ideal for first-time and VBAC moms during COVID-19

-Two Virtual Prenatals

-Childbirth Class

-Prehospital Support at your home and continued virtual support upon switching to hospital.

-One Hour Virtual Babyfeeding Support

-One Virtual Postpartum Follow-up Appointment with your Birth Doula

-Two Weeks Extended on-call support

Package Total: $1600

2020  Strong Family Package 

With a focus on education, this support gives you the same access to your doula’s skills, training and knowledge of the birthing process.  This package includes virtual support through your birth and extended support for your partner.
-One Virtual Prenatal visits (With completed custom birth and postpartum plan.)

-One Strong Partner Prenatal to better prepare for birth

-On call virtual support during labor and birth to call, text, and video chat to provide emotional & informational support, as well as guidance for physical support and comfort measures for you and your partner.

 -Two follow-up postpartum virtual visits (within 2 weeks of birth) to offer babyfeeding education, emotional support and help with your family transition.

Package Total: $900

-Full-Service Descriptions-

All items can be added on to a current package or combined for a custom package for your family.


In-Person Birth Support $1000  (Virtual Only $900)

This is the heart of our work. It includes the physical, emotional, and mental support from early labor (approximately 4cm) at your hospital or birthing center, through delivery and one hour postpartum. We are there to answer your questions, facilitate communication between staff and your family, troubleshoot common labor situations, and encourage a smooth transition for your family.


Virtual Prenatal Appointment $100 

Prenatal appointments are one-hour long meetings where we set aside time to discuss pregnancy, birth, and babies. We talk through your birth options and any current or anticipated emotional or physical concerns. This is when we can educate you on labor techniques, common scenarios in the delivery room, and create a comprehensive birth plan.  This is a great time for us to meet with dads and address their important role and how we can also help them during this exciting time.


Virtual Strong Partner Prenatal $175

A 90-minute session that is best described as a walk through your labor. We recommend these around 36 weeks until delivery as they are an excellent way to care for your body and baby. Partners are advised on how to offer support in place of a doula.


Virtual Check-Ins $45 30 Minutes

Virtual prenatal and postpartum check-ins are wonderful additions when questions and topics arise that warrant more than just a phone call. Babyfeeding, emotional support, family support available during these session.

Available in packages of 5 for $200

Virtual Postpartum Follow-up Appointment $100

These are virtual appointments that allow for you to talk through your birth, perinatal care, and new baby questions.  We encourage breastfeeding and help troubleshoot any concerns you may have. Our primary goal is to assist with your entire family’s physical and emotional wellbeing as you welcome a new baby into your home.


Virtual Strong Family Childbirth Education Session $275

This is a private session to educate you about the basics of birth and babies. Not your traditional childbirth class, this is ideal for first time parents or those who need a refresher. We take an honest and upfront approach to answer any questions and offer insight from our experiences as moms and doulas in the delivery room. 


Extended On-Call Phone Support 24/7

Two Weeks $150

One Month $200

When questions arise after delivery (and from our own experience, we know they do!), we are here to support you. From questions about your own personal care to the care of your newborn, no question is too small.