Even as moms its easy to forget how delicate the time is when a baby is first born. We all want to visit, and snuggle, and celebrate. But truth be told, we should all try to keep in mind a few simple guidelines when visiting a new mom.

From our own experiences as moms,...

June 25, 2018

Expecting as a doula was certainly different than before I became a doula. It has meant becoming a whiz at pregnancy and birth and having a perfect all natural peaceful ideal for the babies that came after, right? Ha! Absolutely not. Here is how it has really been and...

So much of after your baby is born revolves around mom and baby, as it should.  However, the father’s role is extremely important in the postpartum time. Dad’s can help in so many ways!  Usually, dad is the first one to go to back to work, and this new transition can b...

June 18, 2018

Having a natural (read: unmedicated) birth in the hospital setting is a goal for many moms. It is often greeted with a lot of skepticism. Dana came to us this spring with this goal in mind. No stranger to the hospital setting and with a family member as an OB she did h...

Dear Dads, 

We are so lucky to witness the days you become fathers. Whether for the first time or second or more, it never stops amazing us. We see all you do. You are our teammates in the delivery room, protectors of our moms and the people that those tiny eyes watch f...

June 13, 2018

June is here and we are diving right into summer! It has been an exciting few weeks here with babies being born, our NEST family night and getting our first look at the Frederick Birth Center.

Now Father's Day (June 17th!) and July 4th are around the corner we have even...

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