Childbirth Education Offerings

Our Classes at Frederick Moms and Doulas are created with our mission in mind. We want to create strong moms, strong babies, and strong families by educating, elevating, and empowering our moms.  We also want to provide you an evidence based, unbiased, and honest understanding of birth so you can feel confident and empowered as you prepare to deliver.  All our childbirth classes are taught by our Childbirth Educator Alison Knotek.


You will find that our classes are different in the following ways:

  • Small Class sizes

  • Intimate and Personal Setting

  • Focus on creating relationships and support within your group

  • Complete access to support groups during pregnancy and postpartum run by FMD and NEST Frederick

  • Flexible for all different types of schedules and needs.

  • Options for Cesarean Moms



All attendees for FMD classes will receive the following.

  • An FMD Resource Guide including our full birth plan checklist

  • All Course Materials

  • Access to the FMD Lending Library

  • Placement into an online support group just for moms attending your class

  • Membership into our postpartum group NEST Frederick ($30 value)

  • Certificate of Completion


 Class registration is completed on a first come, first-served basis. Registration is open until the class is full which is typically two months in advance. To reserve a spot, please complete your registration through our online booking system. If you wish to sign up for more than one class, you will receive a 10% reduction for each subsequent class you register for. Please contact Alison if you have any questions.  We look forward to working with your family!



 Combined Course Options


Weekend Childbirth (7 hours) Saturday and Sunday Afternoon 1:00-4:30

Ideal for first time parents looking to get everything they need to know in one easy to schedule weekend. Recommended for first time FMD Clients prior to their first prenatal.

 This class covers all the evidence-based information that your family needs to prepare you for the big day. You will be provided with information to prepare you for childbirth, help you feel empowered to make informed decisions and move forward confidently into your birth. The childbirth portion is completed on Saturday and the Baby Care portion is completed on Sunday.

 6 spaces available per session, $195 



Weekday Classes Four Week Course Mondays 6:30-8:30

This is for first time parents who wish to spread out the various topics and have busier weekend schedules.

This class covers all the evidence-based information that your family needs to prepare you for the big day. You will be provided with information to prepare you for childbirth, help you feel empowered to make informed decisions and move forward confidently into your birth. This format is divided into four different classes to allow for more questions and time to process the information.

 6 spaces available per session, $195



Individual Classes


Baby Basics and Breastfeeding Class

Most frequently attended by moms and families intending to breastfeed. This class is often added on to our Weekend or Weekday Class Option and is available the first Monday, every other month.

This class will help prepare you for everything you need to know to begin your life as new parents and feel confident in your breastfeeding journey.

8 Spaces available per session, $175 per couple


Strong Dads and Birth Partner Classes

Ideal for partners looking to be more hands on and involved with the birth process and for moms expecting to labor at home as long as possible. We love when dads and birth partners are involved, and this class gives them the hands-on experience to know exactly what to do.

Topics Include: Providing emotional support during labor, understanding labor positions, pain management techniques and how you can help, when to go to the hospital or call your doula.

6 Spaces Available per session, $125 per couple 

**$50 if an additional birth partner would like to attend


FMD Refresh

This three hour course is designed specifically with second time (or more!) moms in mind. 

This class is designed to remind you of the basics of childbirth and help you feel confident going into your next labor.

Topics Include: Basics of Childbirth, labor positions, and pain management

6 Spaces Available per session, $125 per couple


C-section Class

A two-hour course specifically for moms anticipating a cesarean section.

This class is designed to help you feel confident heading into the operating room and making the most out of your birth. We believe all moms should feel educated regardless of how they are delivering, and this will help both you and your partner feel at ease.

Topics Include: The basics of a C-section and what to expect, options available, creating a cesarean birth plan.

$125 per couple


Private Childbirth Class

For parents with busy schedules, this is a two-and-a-half-hour class conducted in the privacy of your own home

This course goes over childbirth and newborn care in an intimate setting.

Topics Include: Childbirth Basics, Labor Positions, Pain Management, and Newborn Care


(Add $100 for an additional breastfeeding introduction and an additional hour of instruction time)

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