Birth Doula - Packages & Pricing

As moms and doulas, we believe in full support. We have prepared packages that aim to fulfill the needs of different moms, but our goal remains the same, to help create strong moms, strong babies, and strong families by educating, elevating, and empowering. We invite you to look over our full-service offerings and descriptions to find a custom package that meets your family's needs. All of our moms receive the following:


-A team of doulas who have taken the time to know you, your family, and your desires for your birth

-Phone, email, and text support from booking forward

-24/7 on call access from 38 weeks until delivery (or two weeks prior to scheduled delivery)

-Access to our resources, including our lending library and local resource list

-A primary doula and a secondary doula that you have become familiar with and who knows your history, birth plan, and family's unique needs.

-Positive and empowering birth support

-The highest quality of care and attention from pregnancy through bringing your baby home


Our main packages are as follows and can be customized using our full-service offerings

to create the perfect package for your family:

Stork Support

Our basic package, ideal for any mom that wants the support of a doula as they transition into parenthood.

This is regularly paired with our Strong Families Childbirth Education Session.

-One Prenatal Appointment in Office

-Birth Support

-One Postpartum Follow-up Appointment

Package Total: $1100



Special Delivery

This package is for the mom with an anticipated or scheduled C-section.

-One in-office and one virtual prenatal

-Birth support for pre-op and recovery

-One Postpartum Follow-up Appointment

-Two Weeks Extended On-Call Support

Package Total: $1000


Strong Mom Package

Ideal for first-time and VBAC moms this is our most popular package

with our highly recommended Strong Moms Prenatal.

-One Prenatal Appointment in Office

-One Strong Moms Prenatal

-Birth Support

-One Postpartum Follow-up Appointment

-Two Weeks Extended on-call support

Package Total: $1500


Birth-day Bundle

For the mom who wants to document their little one’s arrival and their transformation as a family.

-One Prenatal in Office and one Virtual Prenatal

-Birth Support

-One Postpartum follow-up

-Newborn Session or Maternity Session

-Professional Photography on baby’s birth-day,

all professionally edited images and birth-day video

Package Total: $2700




-Full Service Descriptions-

All items can be added on to a current package or combined for a custom package for your family.


Birth Support $1000

This is the heart of our work. It includes the physical, emotional, and mental support from early labor (approximately 4cm) at your hospital or birthing center, through delivery and one hour postpartum. We are there to answer your questions, facilitate communication between staff and your family, trouble shoot common labor situations, and encourage a smooth transition for your family.


In-office Prenatal Appointment $125 (Please add $50 for in-home)

Prenatal appointments are one-hour long meetings where we set aside time to discuss pregnancy, birth, and babies. We talk through your birth options and any current or anticipated emotional or physical concerns. This is when we can educate you on labor techniques, common scenarios in the delivery room, and create a comprehensive birth plan.  This is a great time for us to meet with dads and address their important role and how we can also help them during this exciting time.


Strong Moms Prenatal Appointment $250

This 60-minute session is best described as a miniature childbirth class. We take a walk-through labor with you as we work on relaxation techniques, massage, various birthing positions, and other comfort measures. We recommend these around 36 weeks until delivery as they are an excellent way to care for your body and baby as well as to have hands on support during some of the most emotionally and physically taxing weeks preparing for the arrival of your little one.


Virtual Prenatal Appointment$50

We address the same things as we do in the standard prenatal, but we use modern technology for your convenience. Virtual prenatal appointments are wonderful additions when questions and topics arise that warrant more than just a phone call.


Postpartum Follow-up Appointment $150

These are visits that allow for you to talk through your birth, perinatal care, and new baby questions.  We encourage breastfeeding and help troubleshoot any concerns you may have. Our primary goal is to assist with your entire family’s physical and emotional wellbeing as you welcome a new baby into your home.


Strong Family Childbirth Education Session $450

This is a private in-home session to educate you about the basics of birth and babies. Not your traditional childbirth class, this is ideal for first time parents or those who need a refresher. We take an honest and upfront approach to answer any questions and offer insight from our experiences as moms and doulas in the delivery room. This item is recommended as an addition to our “Stork Support” package for new moms or moms who have not given birth in the last five years.


Extended On-Call Support

Two Weeks $150

One Month $200

When questions arise after delivery (and from our own experience, we know they do!), we are here to support you. From questions about your own personal care to the care of your newborn, no question is too small.


Pre-hospital Support

3 hours $275

5 hours $400

We love when moms chose to stay home for the early stages of labor. It is helpful for labor to progress quickly and in an environment where mom is comfortable and unrestricted.  We will be there to assist you with your comfort, relaxation, and emotional well-being.

This item is focused on providing support to women at home that are outside of our radius. It is frequently added to our Strong Moms and Classic packages. It is ideal for first time and VBAC moms where hospital timing and intervention can be restricting to birth goals.


Additional Doula for Birth Support $400

The addition of a second doula's presence may offer your unique birthing situation the extra support it deserves. The additional doula is there to support the primary doula in all aspects of your care. Their presence can also extend outside of the birth room and give support to family, friends, and anyone that you want to know is informed and cared for during your birth.


Professional Birth Photography

Birth-day documentation and coverage $1600
We offer photo journalistic photography to document your child's birth-day and the growth of your family. Photography is booked in conjunction with doula services only with coverage beginning at or around 6cm, until delivery or your request. Photos are non-invasive, respectful of individual requests, and never publicized unless mom chooses to share. A full birth-day video is provided to share with your little one in the future. (Dad, this is an excellent push present for moms-to-be!)

Portrait and Fresh 48 Sessions $450-$550 standalone or $300 when added to a package
These items are most commonly added to our “Strong Moms” and “Special Delivery” packages.


Postpartum Doula Support $100-$250
Postpartum Doula Support can come in many forms. Hourly support after delivery, overnight support or in-home support, our postpartum doulas can help you adjust and care for yourself in the days, weeks and months following the arrival of your little one.