Brittany DeFrehn 

Owner, Birth Doula & Photographer


Birth Photography Clients, High Risk Moms, VBACs

Favorite Moment From My Own Birth

My first VBAC at Holy Cross and my daughter's water birth

When I am not working... 

I am hanging out with my kiddos, working out at Pure Barre or hosting some social gathering at my house...well before COVID

"I am Brittany. Wife to a loving, handy, dream big, kinda husband and momma to four amazingly, wild and crazy kiddos. We live in a small town outside of DC and have a 100 year old house we adore. We also happen to have three dogs and a garden that some people might consider a small farm. My husband and I both own businesses and so we live and work all under one roof….yes with the kids and dogs. We have what I call a crazy, messy, beautiful life!


My journey as a photographer and doula all started in 2010 to now has been quite the adventure. While all the accomplishments and accolades are dandy, the greatest moments have been in witnessing the women I work with become mothers and seeing families grow.

My heart is in serving and celebrating mommahood via story telling and hands on doula work. I also am crazy passionate about encouraging and helping women live out their own crazy messy beautiful lives.


I would love to hear from you and what is on your mind so give it to me honest. Tell me what you love about your life and family and how we can work together. Can’t wait to meet you."