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Stronger Motherhood

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Stronger Motherhood groups begin every six months for families with babies born between a specific date range.


-Families are able to join a group once their baby has arrived. 

-Each family can only go through a set of six sessions once and must start with the first session

-We strive for a positive and uplifting atmosphere and ask that all families come with an uplifting mind and attitude. 


The first 20 minutes is a guided discussion with topics including postpartum care, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, sleep, infant massage, and more. The rest of the time will be set aside for talking about what is going on in your family and allowing babies to play and moms to connect.

What exactly is Stronger Motherhood? 

Stronger Motherhood is the overarching community of moms and families desire to have community with moms in similar stages. Our mission is to nurture, empower, and support together. 

Currently Meeting

For moms that have delivered before February 1st. 2020

Keeping community one of our top priorities, Nest Frederick has a goal to empower those in our community who need it the most. We are striving to use our reach and support to provide diapers, clothing, and supplies to those who would otherwise go without. Interested in helping our efforts or learning more? Feel free to reach out at any time by emailing us at nest@frederickmomsanddoulas.com 

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