Nurture, Empower, Strengthen, Together. 

Supporting Frederick Moms and Doulas' mission of strong moms, strong babies, and strong families, we believe it is important to connect our community of moms with each other during the early months postpartum.  NEST Groups came out of our own experiences as moms where we felt that this specific phase of motherhood was overlooked. We hope to fill a need for families, as we recognize that groups and activities are often aimed at older babies and toddlers. We desire for NEST groups to connect moms and families in a similar stage so we can nurture, empower, and strengthen ourselves and our families, as a community, together.


Who are NEST groups for?

Nest groups are created every six months for families with babies born between a specific date range.

-January 1st -June 30th  Birthdays meet once a month starting July of that year and going into December.

-July 1st-December 31st Birthdays meet once a month starting

We recognize that there will be some small overlap for families with birthdays on the edge of those dates, but it is our intention to make sure you are connected with families having a similar life experience as you. We will gladly help you in finding the correct NEST group. Families of Frederick Moms and Doulas, their friends, and friends of the Frederick Birthing Circle are invited to join us.  Moms and partners, as well as non-school age children are welcome to join.


When do NEST groups meet?

Groups meet once a month the fourth Friday each month, for six months. Each group meets for approximately an hour and babies range in age from brand new to 6 months. After the six meetings, groups can decide to meet on their own terms and we will happily assist in arranging this.


What do we do there?

NEST groups allow us to set aside a time to address various topics about motherhood and young babies, support one another through post pregnancy, and have a  place to go with baby where you will happily have an extra hand. The first 20 minutes we will have a brief discussion.  Some examples of topics may include postpartum care, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, sleep, infant massage, and more. The rest of the time will be set aside for talking about what is going on in your family and allowing babies to play and relax.


How do I sign up?

Join our NEST FACEBOOK page and email Brittany or Sarah at We will ask you a few questions and get you set-up in the group which will best serve you. We welcome all to attend even if they have not registered, but cannot guarantee we will have materials if you are not registered.