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At FMD we offer prenatal, birth, and postpartum support through doula services, a full line-up of classes and postpartum groups for moms.

From the moment you become part of the FMD family, we are by your side to provide you with education on pregnancy, babies, and birth. We are here to answer your questions, listen to your concerns and help you develop the best plan for your little one's arrival as your family transitions into this exciting new stage. When labor arrives we are by your side focusing on you and your needs. We can help with pain management techniques, labor questions, and full emotional support. Then, when you settle in as a new family, we follow-up to talk through any questions you may have, provide breastfeeding support, and answer baby care questions. (We are also known to bring a meal or two!) The bottom line is, we are with you through your pregnancy. You always have access to us via phone and email, as well as access to our lending library and local resources.

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