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Strong Moms. Strong Babies. Strong Families.

As we were creating the foundation of our business, we had a lot of fun thinking of the catch phrases and slogans that would describe what we do. After all, not everyone even understands what a doula is, so we wanted something that was short and powerful. Here were some of our ideas...

You do you. We dou-la....a little too cheesy.

Your birth. Your way...a little too common.

Your body. Your birth...Wait, this doesn't even describe what we do?

It was quickly decided we wanted our mission to be as straight-forward as possible. So when we asked ourselves what we wanted to achieve through our birth-work and online community, the answer was simple.

Strong Moms- We know moms are already strong, but we want to help them harness their strength and empower them through pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We believe everything starts with mom feeling supported and cared for and giving her the tools and knowledge she needs. We hope to inspire and encourage moms not only through our services, but providing a local online place for them to reach out too. So to our moms, we are always here for you!

Strong Babies

When mom is taken care of she can better take care of her baby and family. Educating moms and families on pregnancy, birth, and beyond, allows for healthier stronger babies.

Strong Families- Not only do we hope to serve moms, but we want to serve dads and families too. Many people think the role of a doula is to support only mom, but that couldn't be further from the truth. We are their for partners, to answer questions, encourage and build them up as a family.

Strong families make our community strong and we believe that community is everything. We could not be more excited to dig into the Frederick community. We also hope that if you are a mom, dad, are expecting, or are a seasoned parent or grandparent - beyond our direct service area, you can follow along with our work and our resources to help us in our mission to create strong moms, strong babies and strong families.

We are so excited for you to share in this community. Help us grow stronger by sharing our Facebook page. We are so thankful.

Mom love,

Brittany and Sarah