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What We Have Been Up to this Holiday Season

As moms, we know this whole holiday season is a wild one. From the gifts, to the parties, to plain old life your plates are full. We have been juggling lots of great stuff this season and thought we would share.

Teaming up and a whole lot of meetings.

And this doesn't mean the corporate kind. When we decided to join forces we knew as two moms it was going to be a whole lot of work and juggling. The last month has consisted of piling on the floor with kids running around and digging into creating and fine tuning our mission, logo, contracts etc. has been busy, but it has also been a lot of fun. You can follow our behind the scenes at @frederickmomsanddoulas and instagram stories

Serving Our Moms and Families

While our website is new, we have been busy digging into serving moms for the better part of the last year. Just last week we visited with a new mom for her post-partum follow-up, served a mom during her csection at INOVA Fairfax, and met with three other moms for their prenatal appointments. This is the stuff we love.

Connecting with other local businesses

Focusing on our community is a HUGE part of our hearts, so we have been busy teaming up with other local businesses creating exciting events for our community in the New Year. Our first local partner is Maven Beauty Bar and we can't wait to share more next week. Be sure to follow along with this using #storksoverfrederick

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