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Diaper Drive 2017

It's a new year! As it always goes, a fresh start brings new and fresh resolutions. We can try to make it to the gym more and resolve to put our phone down more often. But, let us not forget how resolving to help others can also bring about change in our self.

To kick off 2017, Frederick Moms and Doulas, along with our friend Rebecca Carrera, fellow mom and owner of Frederick's Maven Beauty Bar, have launched the 2017 Diaper Drive. Why is this important you might ask?

Many families struggle to put food on the table, let alone afford the personal care items of daily life, which for so many, includes diapers. In order to make sure their child has a diaper, 1 in 5 families may decide against medical care they need. One-third of families report bathing without soap, or re-using diapers to get by.* As a community, we can help these families. The small act of donating diapers can have a great impact on families struggling to provide the essentials of daily living, by helping ease the burden and providing some emotional reassurance.

One pack of diapers may mean less worry about providing a hot meal, leave the money to buy toothpaste, or help to make sure the laundry can be done this week. Donations big and small will help keep our families nourished and our babies healthy.

Donations made to our drive will benefit families of the Birthing Circle of Frederick. The Birthing Circle is a group that shares our value that, community is crucial to the health and well being of families. By supporting each other, we can empower families with resources and information.

You can find more details on our Diaper Drive 2017 page, as well as follow along with the donations and our future community projects using #storksoverfrederick.

We thank you for your donations and for helping to provide a fresh start for so many families in our community!

Mom Love,

Sarah & Brittany