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Why Diapers?

Imagine having to use one diaper a day. Impossible right? This is a harsh reality for many low income families right here in our community. When people think of basic needs, diapers are not the first thing that comes to mind. But the impact is far reaching.

Here are four reasons why diapers matter:

Strong Babies

Keeping babies clean, dry, and happy is essential for a strong healthy baby. Infants and toddlers who do not have fresh diapers are subject to frequent rashes, infections, and other health issues.

Full Tummies

One in three families struggle to afford to pay for diapers. As a result, they are often juggling whether they will buy food or buy diapers. Having diapers eliminates this as a factor and allows for greater food security for the baby and entire family.

Smart Minds

Educational and childcare facilities require at least one day supply of fresh diapers. If families are not able to provide them, they are often not able to attend educational programs or have adequate childcare. A fresh supply of diapers allows both children and families to learn and grow.

Strong and Happy Families

Dry babies are happy babies. A baby who is frequently crying can cause stress on the mother and the entire family. Mothers who are able to adequately diaper their baby feel more pride but are also less likely to suffer from postpartum depression.

Help create strong moms, strong babies, and strong families by donating to our 2017 Diaper Drive!

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