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Take Care of Y-O-U!

Be your own Valentine by taking care of yourself. Put yourself first for one minute of the day and breathe in relaxation and love. When you feel good you can better be the strong woman and mom that you are for those you care about.

Yesterday we shared Thomas & Co.'s self-care tips for your mind. Today we are sharing a few of their ideas on how to help take care of your body. The simplest act of self-love may prove to be the one thing you need to motivate you today. Give it a try.

Support your Body

1. Stretch and stretch often! Don’t wait until your body is hurting to start stretching. Regular maintenance is key!

2. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate! A dehydrated body is like a car without gas. Hydration is key for optimal function of all body systems.

Check back tomorrow for tips on supporting your spirit. Also remember, TODAY is your last chance to enter to win the free 60 minute massage to give you the ultimate self-care experience you deserve.