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Why We Love Being Doulas

Last week was World Doula Week! Because we were busy supporting some really amazing moms, we didn't get the opportunity to officially celebrate. So, in honor of World Doula Week we are sharing five of our favorite things we love about being doulas.

1. Our Moms! We work with some of the best moms we know. Witnessing them bring life into the world is a total privilege. They are STRONG, kind, fun, and give us more than we could ever give them.

2. Our Dads! We think our dads make our jobs pretty awesome. Not only are they key supporters for our moms, but they help make our jobs easier. They also tend to give us a laugh or two. We had a dad just this week who during a slow spot in labor explained mathematically how to move a birth ball across the room without getting off of it. And yes, then we all tried it.

3. Working together! We know we are stronger together. Whether we are talking about an impending birth or supporting a mom in labor, we are a team. We balance each other, hold each other accountable, and help keep it real with juggling being moms ourselves. Plus we laugh... a LOT.

4. Snuggling Babies! Yep. It is just the best. We basically get an excuse to snuggle all the babies.

5. Teaching our community! The role of a doula used to be perceived as something for only the natural birth community. We love teaching the people around us how doulas can benefit ALL moms. We love moms who want a natural birth, but we also make sure c-section moms and moms who want an epidural receive all the same love and support they deserve.

We think being doulas is pretty wonderful!