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C-section Moms and Our Role as Doulas

If you didn't already know April is Cesarean Awareness month. Here at Frederick Moms and Doulas we hold a special place in our hearts for our c-section moms. We believe that birth is birth no matter how the baby is born. While we take pride in the fact that doulas are known for reducing the c-section rate, it is important to recognize that health reasons may necessitate a cesarean section for some women. These women deserve the same level of care and support throughout their journey as c-section moms.

As two moms with four kids between us, we have a lot of personal experience with labor and delivery, including being a c-section mom. After being welcomed into a club of super strong moms and introduced into a very different world of birth and postpartum recovery, we designed a package to meet the unique needs of c-section moms. Here are three ways we support c-section moms.

Educate- Understanding what to expect during pre-op, surgery and recovery is one of the first things we address with our moms anticipating a c-section. We have them discuss hospital policies and procedures with their providers and understand exactly what will happen. Even better, during this time, we help dad figure out how he will be involved.

Delivery Day Support - We always arrive with mom in the hospital. Due to most hospital policies, we are often not allowed in the delivery room (sometimes we are though!) but more often than not we can join moms in pre-op and recovery. We can help calm nerves, talk through normal c-section questions and concerns, and prepare you for what is ahead.

Postpartum Support - Postpartum support begins in recovery. As you are coming out of surgery, we help you establish breastfeeding, help dad with the baby and help you transition into a mother baby room. We always stay for longer to help moms manage their pain and ease out of surgery. And like all of our moms, we always follow up at home to help families transition.

We find that helping families navigate a c-section reduces a lot of anxiety and stress. We take pride in knowing that when a c-section is necessary, we can aide in empowering moms throughout the process. We encourage you to look into the local International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) chapter and learn more about birth options, promoting VBACs, and empowering women in their cesarean recovery.