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Our Growing Community & NEST Frederick

When we launched Frederick Moms and Doulas we realized that one of the things we were most passionate about was creating a community of moms. Most importantly, we wanted moms to connect and support each other in the time before and immediately following the birth of their babies. Enter NEST Frederick.

NEST stands for:





We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting NEST groups for moms with babies 0-12 months. So how does this work and how is this different than other groups?

NEST Groups

NEST Groups came out of our own experiences as moms where we felt that the specific postpartum phase of motherhood, from birth to one year, was overlooked. There are so many groups and activities aimed at older babies and toddlers while moms with young babies are somewhat left to fend for themselves. On top of that, a lot of mom groups have "repeat attenders." This is awesome, but we really desired to connect moms with babies in the same age and stage, supporting our mission of educating, elevating, and empowering moms into motherhood.

NEST groups are based on birthdays. Moms with babies born January-June will have their group start from July-December. Moms with babies born in July-December will have their group begin the following January. The goal is to connect moms in pregnancy and postpartum who are having the same exact experience and who can grow together. Groups will have an organized meeting led by Frederick Moms and Doulas once a month for 6 months. Each meeting will have a 20 minute speaker (we have some awesome ones lined up!) and then the remaining time to connect with one another. We hope to help moms and families build strong relationships that they continue through our greater NEST Frederick community.

Join us in building NEST Frederick to nurture, empower, and strengthen ourselves, our families, and our community.

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