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Strong Moms Week Featuring Anna Arpasi

We are so lucky to meet strong moms regularly. Helping moms achieve their own goals with a new baby is wonderful to witness, but they always give more to us than we can ever give to them. Check out the gorgeous Anna Arpasi and what she has to say about wonderful adventure in motherhood as a new mom of two.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family. What makes your strong family unique?

My name is Anna and I love my strong family! I was a 3rd grade teacher in a title 1 school for 4 years before I had my first daughter, Paisley. I now work from home and run my own photography business along with being a wife and a mom. My husband, Aaron, and I have been married for 7 years. We have two daughters. Paisley Grace is 3 with a sweet and independent personality. Joy Maelynn is 3 months and is a happy baby who loves to sleep and spit up! Our family is unique because I’m a working at home mom which has it’s own sets of challenges. My kids get to grow up near their uncles farm and with their grandparents next door right next to the same house that I grew up in. I think family (nuclear and extended) is very valuable and I love that ours is a strong one.

Tell us about what being a strong mom means to you?

Being a strong mom means finding the balance between caring/supporting your family but also caring/supporting yourself. It’s helping the people around you, but not neglecting yourself in the process. I feel strong when I’m active, healthy, taking care of my kids, spending time with my friends, and supporting my husband. Generally when my life is well balance I think “hey, I’m doing pretty good at this!!” and can also encourage others in their journey as a mom.

When have you felt the strongest in motherhood/

I feel the strongest in motherhood when my kids are not only happy, but also exploring and learning. When I feel like they are meeting their full potential as individuals and not settling for the mundane. I feel strong when I choose to use teachable moments to let my kids discover and learn, whether scientific, emotional, spiritual, physical or cognitive. I’m okay if things aren’t always going as planned because life happens, but hopefully we are growing as a result!

When have you felt the weakest?

I feel the weakest in motherhood when I’m sitting at my computer doing work, letting my kids watch tv, and eating frozen pizza for dinner. Or choosing the lazy/easier way instead of using a moment. Again, I feel like it’s a balance. Sometimes those days are just necessary and it’s just a season. I think when these days are the norm that we need to reevaluate our life and look at why we are choosing to live this way.

Who is a strong mom in your life and why?

A strong mom in my life is my friend Ashley. Her sister suffered from a traumatic brain injury in July (she was in a coma for many months and is currently in a brain rehabilitation program) and she has stepped up to help in so many ways. She takes care of her sister’s two children (making it 4 kids under 5 for her!) for a large part of the week. Ashley has been such a rock for her sister, her sister’s family, and their mom during this season. She does all these things without expecting any sort of thanks. The strength that Ashley has demonstrated during this time has been super human. I’m so inspired by not only her spiritual and emotional strength during this time but also her willingness and attitude. She really is such a strong mom!!