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Strong Mom Featuring Hannah Kibelbek

We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Starting off the week with one awesome strong mom from our strong mom series. We recently witnessed Hannah bring her second baby into the world and were so fortunate to see her strength. Read on to see how her faith plays a role in her mothering journey and how she remained strong during the birth of her daughter.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family. What makes your strong family unique?

A: My husband and I have 2 daughters: a 3 year old and a 1 month old. We've lived in Maryland for 4 years, before which we moved a lot and lived in some fun places, including Iowa and Taiwan. My husband is a mathematician and I am a personal trainer. We are very different, but complement each other well in life and in parenting; he is logical, inquisitive, and creative, while I am compassionate, nurturing, and determined. I squeeze my training in around my primary roles of wife and mom, but find it so fulfilling! I'm passionate about helping other mamas find time for themselves so they can feel good, be strong, and be refreshed and ready to dig back in to their daily lives. Our sweet 3 year old loves her baby sister and includes her in all of her play! I have great hopes that they'll be best friends one day. She loves to dance and sing, take "walks," (by which I mean she runs while the baby and I try to keep up,) play with playdough, and help me with just about everything I'm willing to include her in. It's a joy being a parent, and also so tough! My husband and I try hard to support and encourage each other, and we rest in the knowledge that God has, and will continue to, sustain us through the hard days, and give us grace for when we fail to parent well.

Q:Tell us about what being a strong mom means to you?

A:This is a hard question for me, because I so often feel inadequate as a mom! I fail to be patient, I fail to be kind, I fail to be compassionate, I fail to work hard, I fail to teach, I fail to engage... and I could keep going! I frequently find myself seeking forgiveness for the ways I fail, and praying for God to pour into me all of those things that I lack. I am thankful that there is grace for me and my girls when I am not a good mom, and rejoice that God has promised to be my help. So, I guess to me being a strong mom isn't so much me being strong, but me resting on my Lord and Savior, who is strong for me when I am not.

Q:When have you felt the strongest in motherhood?

A:Honestly, it was probably when I delivered my second child! There were many questions going in about my ability to do so; my first labor was rough, so my OBs thought I would likely need a Cesarean with my second. In fact, they thought it made more sense for me to just schedule one without even attempting a vaginal delivery. Instead, I enlisted the help of Brittany and Sarah, who encouraged me to give it a shot. That's what we did, and I was able to avoid a Cesarean! It was very empowering to be successful at what I was told would likely not work. Our bodies are strong and capable of amazing things! I'm so thankful I had the support of Brittany and Sarah; I don't think I would have gone through with it if I hadn't had them in my corner! The whole process was a tremendous blessing, and I'm so thankful that we made the healthiest choice for me and my baby.

Q:When have you felt the weakest?

A: Some days my focus is not where is should be. I start viewing difficulties with my family as an inconvenience to me instead of an opportunity to love and teach. By the end of the day (or, shortly after crawling out of bed sometimes!) I feel totally drained and ready to give up. It helps to take a break and get my priorities straight so I can be more intentional with my kids.

Q: Who is a strong mom in your life and why?

A: My sister is a strong mom! She has three kids a little older than my girls. She works so hard to take care of her family; she makes time to have good quality time with her kids; she is gracious, patient, and humble; she is my best friend and always has a word of encouragement, sympathy, or silliness for me as we go through this parenting thing together.

Thank you to all the moms who participated in our strong mom series this month. Be sure to show us how you are a strong mom by using the hashtag #fmdmomstrong.