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As our "Month of Mom" has ended, we decided it was past time for a peek into our own lives raising strong, intelligent, give you a run for your money little ones. We have been overwhelmed by the spring season babies, in all the best ways, and are excited for less rain and more time digging into summer fun.

Our First Job - Momma

Between the two of us, we have 4 children and 4 dogs (not to mention the bunnies, the neighborhood kids, and the mass amount of visiting birds we tend to). We work together more often than not, and have become masters of holding babies, nursing babies, and playing with babies while we talk, type, and text. The littlest of the group, Deacon (11 months, pictured above) is trying so hard to keep up with everyone that he is getting all the way up the steps and practically walking after his brother and sister. Olivia (almost 2) has become the master of saying "bless you" and never takes off her sunglasses. As for the older two, they are so busy climbing trees, and playing in the dirt we can barely keep up with them. Motherhood is SO fun, and we are truly fortunate to have a career that allows us to share our love for all things birth and babies.

Teaming up!

We have several projects we are working on to give back to our community. NICU moms are first on our list next month and we are excited to give back to the strongest moms we know. We have also teamed up with more local businesses, and moms running businesses, to bring you a summer of empowering your mind and body, while juggling the ups and downs of motherhood. We are also excited to celebrate dads in June! Stay tuned!

Serving Our Moms and Families

We have had one weekend that we were not on call for the past two months... and that was because one sweet baby decided to make his entrance a little early. We have supported some super strong moms and created some lasting friendships. The time we spend away from our own family can be tough in a season full of babies, but we will be the first ones to say how empowered we feel when we come home from a birth. Usually, even on no sleep, we power clean, finish projects, or dive into our own hobbies after a birth. We are inspired and full of life when we witness the birth of a family.

NEST Frederick

If you haven't signed up for NEST Frederick head over to the Facebook page and get connected. July NEST Groups will be starting before we know it and we are busy planning away for all the fun! NEST Frederick is very close to our hearts and we want to nurture, empower, and strengthen together as a community of women. Don't miss out!

How did you celebrate the "Month of Mom"? What are you looking forward to most this summer? Keep us up to date and show us your little ones on our Facebook page!