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Our Favorite Things for Breastfeeding

Whether you're a breastfeeding pro or just starting out on the exciting journey, everywhere you turn there are products and advice staring you in the face, promising to make the process easier. Talk about overwhelming!

Don't stress! Just like every birth is different, what works to help you nurse your baby best may take a little time to nail down. The good news is, we've been there and we've got your back.

After nursing our own babies and helping other mothers navigate the new breastfeeding waters, we have come up with some go to items that always seem to give nursing moms a little help when they need it most. Make sure to also look for our favorites for pumping and bottle feeding moms in our upcoming posts.

Brest Friend pillow

Everyone knows about the Boppy. It is probably one of the first things you registered for, and don't get us wrong, its an awesome tool with lots of uses! But our go to nursing pillow is the Brestfriend. It velcros around your back so it stays in place and provides you with great support. It is also a bit more sturdy than the boppy, making it much easier to get those squishy little newborns to stay where you want them.

Motherlove Nipple Cream

This stuff rocks! When your nipples feel like they can't take a minute more, this cream really provides you with the relief you need. It is 100% organic and safe for ingestion, so you do not need to wipe it off before nursing. We also like to use it on those chapped baby cheeks to sooth and soften. A little goes a long way!

Lansinoh Thera-Pearl Breast Therapy

These packs are made specifically for your breastfeeding needs. You can use them cold to help with pain or engorgement, or use them hot for plugged ducts or to help with letdown. They are circular and leave a space for your nipple. Pop them right in your bra and feel the relief almost immediately.

Reusable Cotton Breast Pads

You can definitely go the disposable route when it comes to breast pads, but you're doing a bunch more laundry these days anyway, so why not try some cotton breast pads. We really love these organic cotton ones on amazon. They are super soft and super absorbent (not to mention cheap)!

Nursing Tank

There are not always cute or affordable clothing options when it comes to nursing, but a nursing tank is a must! It makes the whole process easier, and is very convenient for nursing modestly. Wear one under your regular shirt, and you have created yourself an easy way to nurse and stay covered, above and below.

Water Bottle

If you have heard us say it once, you have heard it 100 times, a water bottle is your best friend during pregnancy, and that doesn't change when you start breastfeeding. You need a lot of water to keep hydrated and make that milk. Invest in one that keeps your drink cold for hours... you won't be sorry.