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Friday Favorites: Our Favorite Moments from a Big Week

This was a big week at Frederick Moms and Doulas and we wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who was a part of it. We didn't have any deliveries this week, but we did have a lot of fun living out our mission of educating, empowering and elevating moms and members or our community. Here is a recap of our favorite moments.

Favorite Moment #1

Monday we had a big team meeting to prep for the week. We stocked up on coffee, came together, laughed a lot and got super excited for this weeks events. We also went shopping for all of the stuff which was REALLY fun with four kids:)

Favorite Moment #2

On Tuesday we had an event to support NICU Moms hosted by Riverside Midwifery. Coming together and talking about some of our own experiences as NICU moms and creating encouraging packages was certainly a highlight.

Favorite Moment #3

We recently added two new people to our team at FMD. Tuesday night was the first event we were all together! Since all of us are moms, sometimes schedules can be difficult so it is magic when we can be in the same room outside of meetings.

Favorite Moment #4

Thursday evening we launched our first NEST Group for mommas with babies born the first half of this year. It was a great success and we got to see some of our past clients and meet some new sweet babies.

Favorite Moment #5

Snuggling all the babies. At one point at one of our events we looked around and we each had a doula baby on our laps. Obviously that was a favorite moment of the week.

Thank you again to all who came out and again to Riverside Midwifery for generously sharing their space with us!