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Why Should You Hire a Doula?

We have been so lucky to have been able to witness the miracle of birth dozens upon dozens of times. Each time is invigorating for us because every mom and family we serve gives us a new perspective and another glimpse into how powerful and amazing labor is.

While there is no magic wand awarded to doulas to make labor easier, or your birth plan become reality, we do possess training and experience that gives us an enhanced ability to be able to serve you just when and how you need it. Here are our top reasons we think you should definitely hire a doula.

Pain Management

Whether you want all the drugs, or are planning a completely natural labor, doulas are trained to provide physical pain relief techniques in the forms of hip squeezes, sacral pressure, massage, and positioning. We know how to help alleviate the pain and can aide you through the highs and lows as labor progresses.

Someone Always By Your Side

Many families do not realize that your doctor, midwife, or nurse will more than likely not be by your side throughout your entire labor. They often have several patients to attend to, and will give you space to labor on your own, as long as you are doing well. Your doula will not leave your side. Our constant presence can give you peace of mind and reassure you that you're doing well. We make sure you have everything you need and we like to pamper you the best we can throughout your entire labor.

Translate that Doctor lingo

Birth, especially birth in the hospital, comes with a lot of medical terminology. Doctors do their best to explain exactly what is happening and what the plan is, but as a woman in labor it is easy to forget what the doctor has just told you, or need help understanding. We have a lot of experience in the hospital and speaking with doctors, so we are very comfortable helping you understand the medical jargon. We also encourage you to ask questions, and will help to seek further information should you desire it.

Support your Partner

Often times partners are worried that doulas will replace them in labor and delivery. This couldn't be further from the truth! We love working with the other half of your birthing team to make sure they feel empowered in their ability to help you. Often times dads feel immense pressure to know what is happening and how to make sure you're comfortable, but they simply do not have all the answers. It is a birth-day for them too, and we feel it is our job to make sure they are also supported. We like to help them get involved with pain relief techniques and can explain to them what is normal for the course of labor.

Help with bonding and breastfeeding

Whether you decide to bottle feed or breastfeed, we know the importance of those hours and minutes immediately after your baby has arrived. We encourage and help ensure that that time is all yours to bond with the baby and get that successful first latch. There is a lot happening after baby has been born, and doulas can hold the space that you need to ensure the "golden hour" is super bright.

We could give you hundreds of reasons why having a doula for your birth would be a great decision, but we hope these top reasons help you understand just how wonderful adding a doula to your birth team can be.

Keep an eye out for our next post touching on the reasoning you should avoid when hiring a doula (yep! you read that right!) in order to make the best decision for your birth.