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Are there Reasons NOT to Hire a Doula?

If you saw our post yesterday you know that on any given day we here at FMD could probably give you hundreds of reasons why hiring a doula will not be a decision you regret. There are so many positives and statistics supporting our role. Having a doula at your birth extremely increases your odds of having the birth outcome you desire. Simply by being present, a doula can put you at ease and remind you that you are strong!

But, are there reasons you shouldn't hire a doula? The answer is yes and no. In our humble opinion, there are no real cons to hiring a doula. There is a doula for every woman regardless of price range, age, or birth plan. However, there are a few points that should not guide your reasoning when you're deciding to hire a doula.

Because you're not happy with your care provider.

Being unhappy with your care provider is an unfortunate situation to find yourself in. Hiring a doula to support you in hopes that she will change this fact though, will probably leave you disappointed. A good doula knows her place when it comes to interacting with your medical provider. We will not speak for you, and when medical advice or intervention is necessary, we will ultimately defer to the expertise of your provider. The solution to being unhappy with your provider is simple... get a new one! It's rarely too late to change your care, and it will be a decision you will be thankful for in the long run. Having your doctor or midwife support your idea of a successful birth experience is not only possible, but essential, regardless of whether you have a doula.

Because you're nervous about your hospital.

You may have heard that your hospital has a high c-section rate, that they don't allow intermittent monitoring, or that they are not fans of hydrotherapy. These types of concerns may not align with your birth plan and make you feel uneasy. Doulas who frequent certain hospitals and birth centers will most likely be able to answer a lot of questions regarding policies and procedures. However, lots of options in the hospital are not only specific to the hospital, but also to provider specific policies and norms. If your doula has not worked with your care provider, or in your birth location, she may not have all the answers you are looking for. We will be more than happy to help find the answers you are looking for, and help you decide what questions you should ask to make the best informed decision for you. But, at the end of the day, it is best for you to feel comfortable with your hospital and we will always support you in your choice.

Because hospitals and medical stuff makes you uneasy.

Most women give birth in the hospital, but that in no way means they are comfortable in the medical setting. Lots of people are uneasy with hospitals and medical procedures. While emotional support is part of your doula's job, she cannot change the way you feel about the messiness of birth, and she cannot hide it from you once you're in that room. Allow us to hold space for you in the toughest moments and encourage you through your fears, keeping in mind that medical decisions are yours to make, with us as a supportive and reassuring presence through it all.

We may be biased that having a doula is simply the best, but we also like to help all moms to be informed, supported, and cared for regardless of whether we are their doula. Thinking through your reasoning for hiring anyone on your birth team is important. When you find the team for you, you will feel confident and excited for the big BIRTH-day!