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A Postpartum Doula is Not a Babysitter

Birth doulas support mom and the family unit during birth. We encourage and work to create a comfortable birthing space. As doulas are becoming more mainstream, and their value is more widely recognized, there's also more support for mom and family after birth, with support from postpartum doulas.

But wait, what does a postpartum doula do? The baby is here now, do they just help me get some sleep?

Postpartum doulas are so much more than a babysitter! Postpartum doulas support the mom and family unit in the 4th trimester. They don't "just watch the baby". The 4th trimester is for resting! And rest mom shall. Postpartum doulas help where hands are needed. Whether it's a load of laundry, changing the sheets, changing the baby, cooking or prepping food for mom. They pick up all the mess that comes with a new baby, run quick errands ,or just let you feel all the feels while making sure you know you're not alone. There are endless ways a postpartum doula supports you as you adjust to having a newborn and recover from childbirth.

Postpartum doulas are not just there to support mom and baby either. Siblings and dad need support too! We can provide techniques to help siblings adjust and feel empowered in their new role or help provide some one on one time for sibling and mom. Helping dad in showing how to care for a newborn and how to help support mom by washing pump parts or bottles is also a huge help and a big relief for everyone. The 4th trimester involves the whole family, and postpartum doulas can help ease the transition all around.

Some postpartum doulas offer breastfeeding support as well. We can stay in the hospital with you if there is no one who can stay overnight, or accompany you to doctors appointments when you feel you may need an extra pair of hands. We can help with overnight shifts during those hard first few weeks, or early morning or bedtime help when things feel overwhelming.

The 4th trimester is one of joy and overwhelm and you need a village around to support you in adjusting to a new normal. Having a postpartum doula gives you the tool you need to do just that.

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