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Our Favorite Things for Pumping

Feeding a baby is hard work! Whether you're breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeding, formula feeding... it is a tough job! We have shared with you our favorites for being a nursing momma, but we can't forget the pumping moms out there. Scheduling pump sessions, meticulously keeping track of output and cleaning pump parts, it's not an easy job. But boy is it worth it! You go momma! Here are some of our favorite things for pumping moms!

1. Hands free Pump Bra

Pumping is a task in and of itself, so why not make it easier and go hands free! A pumping bra is a lifesaver when it comes to multitasking. Wear the bra to pump and even if you're still tethered to the cord, you have two free hands to talk, text, type, tend to a baby, or simply to put in your lap and relax. This is especially helpful when returning to work!

2. Breastmilk Guidelines Magnet

Has this milk been in the fridge too long? Can I still freeze it? Is this bottle still usable? Does this sound familiar? Having the guidelines for breastmilk storage and use is essential to calm the nerves when you are pumping that liquid gold. Letting any go to waste is devastating. Keep the magnet on the fridge and your answers are right there when you need them. Waste no more!

3. Breast Milk Bags

When you're a pumping mom, you like to try and save as much of that precious milk as possible. In order to do that you must invest in some good storage bags. You can freeze milk, refrigerate milk, and see just how much you have with a good storage bag. Our favorite are these Mommy's Precious bags. They're safe, affordable, and self-standing which is a huge plus!

4. Milk Organization

At some point you are going to start wondering which bag is the most recent and asking yourself where that mysterious bag you thought you pumped yesterday got to. Make it easier on yourself with some storage for those awesome bags you invested in. We particularly like the the Milkies Freeze system that stacks the milk so your oldest milk gets used first, and even has a quick freeze tray on top. For the fridge we recommend a bin like this one to keep everything orderly and in the same place.

5. Tasty Treats

Producing milk is no joke. Your body needs extra calories and you are hungry! Make sure to always have an extra snack on hand for you. Stock up on ones that are packed with protein and lactation aides like oats to get even more out of your tasty treat.

As always... drink up momma! Your water bottle has been your best friend for a long time now, so make sure its doing the best job it can. Pumping is hard. Don't let anyone discount your efforts in giving your baby the best of the best! Hopefully with a little help from these great accessories you can feel more in control and keep that pumping game strong!