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Friday Favorites: Apps for Moms

Today, we live in a world where technology is basically a necessity. As if being a mom didn't put life in the fast lane enough, technology creates a demand for the fast paced everything. Luckily, there is an upside to all our technology advances, and that is all those handy little apps that help to give back a little of that precious time.

There are thousands of apps out there aimed at helping the busy mom get through her day. These are a few of our favorites to keep you organized, and maybe help save a little money too.

Google Keep

Get your random thoughts, grocery lists, to do items, and events out of your head and into one organized place. Google Keep allows you to add notes, lists, photos, and audio wherever you are. You can share the grocery list with your husband or remind yourself to buy that birthday present. Lists are life and Google Keep makes it that much more convenient.


Busy moms lose things. Its just a nature of juggling too many things in your head and your hands. Tile is a great answer to this. Find your keys or your phone by simply pressing a button. Ring your phone from your tile, or your keys from your phone. They even sell tiles now that allow you to attach them to practically anything. Join the community of lost and found with Tile.

Fertility Friend

We get a lot of questions about what to expect as far as your cycle is concerned after baby. Fertility Friend is a great app in allowing you to track all kinds of symptoms, customized to you, to help you know when you're fertile or when to expect that dreaded period. Whether its baby making on the brain, or you're trying to avoid pregnancy, you can feel more confident with where you are in your cycle. The basic app is free, super useful, and quick for the everyday busyness of life.

Baby Manager

This app was recommended to us from one of our own FMD mommas and we realized we had been missing out! Baby manager is an awesome app for tracking everything baby - whats going in, whats going out, sleep, and much more! There is a graph feature to compare the day to day and it even lets you and your partner login from anywhere so you can both be in the know about how your little one is doing. Talk about teamwork!

Amazon Prime

If you haven't gotten Amazon Prime yet, now is your excuse. When you use Prime, you get 20% off of diapers! To make it even more awesome, when you use their subscribe & save option, you can place your order, and set a delivery date for each month! Diapers will arrive right when you need them. Order five things with subscribe & save and you will get 15% off your order. Save money and don't run to the store for diapers again! Plus don't forget, free 2-day shipping!