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Birth Photography: Is it for Me?

Birth Photography.

You see it in our services and perhaps you see photos floating around the internet, but you aren't sure it is for you. Birth Photography is essentially what launched Frederick Moms and Doulas so you might just say we are pretty big fans.

I have been photographing births for 5 years and my experience in and out of a hospital has made me passionate about this particular genre. In contrast to portraits and lifestyle photography, it is honest and raw and emotional and down right empowering. There is no posing or is photography as it enfolds. Birth photography documents the hours when a new life entered the world and even more... the moments moms became moms or dads became dads. Pretty pictures are wonderful, but in the stories of women and their families...we think that is pretty awesome. Birth photography isn't for everyone, so here are some frequently asked questions we hope will help take some of the mystery out of it.

Do you take pictures...down there?

Hands down, one of the most frequently asked questions. Our answer... well, that kind of depends on you. Birth is different for everybody and we work with you beforehand to discuss what your photography goals are. Our main goal is to document your day and that can include as little or as much as you want. To be respectful of hospital policies we are often asked to sign contracts that limit us on photographing "medical procedures." So depending on the situation these photos may not even be possible. For the most part, my work is focused on your emotions and reactions, but this is something we always discuss with you in one of your prenatal meetings.

Is birth photography distracting?

The way we work, no. As a doula, your birth trumps any photo so we work hard to be respectful of the birth environment first and foremost. We know how birth flows so we are quick acknowledge when it is worth picking up the camera and when we will wait.

Do you photograph c-sections?

YES! C-sections, though often defined as a "medical procedure" are births! We have worked with many providers who at first were hesitant at this idea, to earn trust and respect and ultimately entrance into the operating room. Even if we are not permitted in the operating room, we document both before and immediately following, you can see a sample of that here.

Why hire a birth photographer when you have a friend who is a photographer?

Birth photography is documentary photography done by a professional birth photographer. HIGHLIGHT... professional. This is so important because birth photography is unique and should be done by someone who understands birth, women, hospitals, labor rooms, etc. Not just someone with a camera. In a labor room their are often certain places reserved for particular nursing staff, hospital regulations and sterile fields to be respected. This knowledge is important!

Interested in birth photography? Join us at the birth and babies fair to learn more and be entered for the chance to win a $250 gift card for birth support and photography services.

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