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A Secret Sisterhood and Pausing for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. It is a month we hold closely to us and one we think we should pause for. Not only has pregnancy loss and infant loss impacted our clients and friends, but it has personally impacted our own families. If you have suffered, or are currently suffering a loss of a pregnancy, know that you are not alone. There is a secret sisterhood that deserves to be sacred, not secret. For those who have walked this path,

We would love to see this sisterhood not be so secret so here are three ways we as a community can work on that.

1.) Listen and say nothing- If you hear someone is losing or has lost a baby, offer to just listen and do nothing else. Often people do not share because they are feeling sick, alone, ashamed or simply don't want to be told about so and so's friend who had this happen and now has a baby. Just listen.

2.) Acknowledge loss is a loss- Don't ask how many weeks a pregnancy was...just acknowledge that there is a loss regardless of stage and offer to bring food or something to care for the mother as they grieve.

3.) Share your story- sharing your story if this has been your journey is important. When you are ready to share it is brave and mighty step. For the community, it is an honor to hear your story and bringing awareness to something that impacts so many women allows others to not be alone.

There is an awesome support group for you hosted by The Birthing Circle. Please pass along and share to any one you might know that would benefit.

The Birthing Circle

Miscarriage and Infant Loss Group

Big hugs mommas.

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