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Holding you close Mommas

As October comes quickly to a close we think it is important to note that there is a delicate time rarely discussed in the journey to parenthood. It's the postpartum period after a loss, whether miscarriage or stillbirth. It's a time so delicate, few words can provide comfort. No matter how you mourn your loss, the physical reminder is still there. Your body changed. Some of these times are so private, no one knows. You carried a baby. You may have birthed your baby. Whatever you experience is, it's real, it's valid and your story matters. Be kind to yourself. However you choose to grieve is okay. You can share your story or keep it to yourself for now. Everyone processes these moments differently, and there is no "should" here. Your body needs time to heal, your soul needs time to mend, and your heart will never be the same. This sensitive time belongs to you. Create space to heal. It's okay to ask for help with the laundry, for a meal, or just for someone to sit with you.

We lift you up. We remember. We hold you close.

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