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Thankful in the Thick of it!

In the thick of it, the sleepless nights, the stress of work and keeping house, and those tiny demanding humans, it can feel oh so overwhelming. And it can feel confusing, you are thankful for your baby, but man some of those days are hard! Here is your permission, permission to feel both and that it is okay. You can be thankful your baby is here and annoyed that they aren't sleeping. You can be thankful your baby is healthy and feel touched out too. It's all normal. In this season of gratitude, we often hear "at least". Nothing negates feelings more than "at least". Postpartum is a time of so many different emotions - remember you can be thankful and overwhelmed.

Gratitude does not mean you can't have hard days. It means you are simply thankful. And that is enough.

We celebrate with you all the moments - the moments of gratitude, the mom wins, the milestones. And we understand those long days and nights, the worry, the stress. Finding gratitude in those small moments, makes parenthood just a little more easier. And mama, we are thankful for you.