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Friday Favorites: Our favorite things about the Frederick Birth Center

The Frederick Birth Center is opening in spring 2018 and at Frederick Moms and Doulas we couldn't be more excited. We think birth centers are wonderful options for families looking for an alternative to the hospital environment. Here are some of our favorite things about the Frederick Birth Center and birth centers in general!

Top Notch Prenatal Care-Prenatal care is more in depth when you decide to work with midwives. Longer visits with your midwife allows for discussion and education so you can make informed decisions about your care. On top of that, the Frederick Birth Center will be offering prenatal care prior to its spring opening so moms can plan to deliver there and have consistent care form now until then.

Amazing Birth Suites- Birth suites are different than hospital rooms. They are designed with laboring woman and families in mind. Each birth suite at the Frederick Birth Center will be equipped with pools for labor and birth.

Postpartum Care- After you deliver at a birth center you are home within the next few hours. This means when it comes to postpartum care you can stay home and the staff will come to you for your first postpartum visit!

Improving the Care For Women- The presence of a birth center in our birth community will elevate the level of care for moms no matter where they are delivering. This means more strong moms, strong babies and strong families for our community.

Mychal Pilia CNM- Mychal is an amazing midwife, business owner and STRONG mom behind the Frederick Birth Center. She is passionate about what she does and has a refreshing approach to birth and caring for women. We adore her and know you will too!

This coming Sunday we are hosting a Meet the Midwife in Urbana, MD for a chance to meet Mychal and learn all about the FBC. Tickets and details are here. If you do not happen to snag a spot, register and be the first to find more details about the FBC about the next Meet the Midwife event.