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Meet and Greet Recap and Why You Should Attend One

Sunday was the first official meet and greet for the Frederick Birth Center and it was such an motivating and empowering day! Not only was it wonderful to hear about this exciting new location, but it was wonderful to meet so many expectant families in the Frederick area that are as excited for this new option as we are!

Attendees this weekend were able to learn firsthand about all the new amenities of the location, see a sneak preview of the floor plan (amazing!) and hear about how to get their care started. Even better they were able to have their questions answered from pregnancy to finances. Dads were even able to ask some of those wonderfully protective questions they tend to have and learn all about how this option is great for their partner.

If you haven't attended a meet and greet with a provider before we highly recommend them! This is something we absolutely recommend for midwifes, OBs and pediatricians! It is a personal and low pressure environment to ask questions about how they approach pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You can get a sense for their personality, find out other services they might offer and learn about the type of care you should expect for your family.

Mychal is currently accepting clients for late spring and early summer and families are able to begin their care prior to their opening. Due to the large response of the last week's meet and greet, there will be a new one announced in the next few days so be sure to stay tuned.

For those that attended Sunday be sure to check your inbox for a little message from our team. It was so great to meet you and we look forward to seeing more of you at future events. Thank you Mychal and to Thomas and Co. for hosting.

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