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Postpartum Corner: The Pelvic Floor

Let's talk about our pelvic floor ladies. Whether you delivered your baby vaginally or via cesarean, pelvic floor problems can plague moms for the rest of their lives. It's a common joke about sneezing and peeing yourself at the same time, and while it is very normal, it doesn't have to be your reality. Recently, more research has been being done on the pelvic floor muscles, how we can strengthen them after a birth, and that this doesn't have to be a lifelong ailment. Kegels are a start, but surprisingly, a lot of women don't do Kegels correctly or don't know how to do them.

Most women don't even know something like a "pelvic floor specialist" or therapist exists! But they do and they are here to help you! According to the Journal of Prenatal Medicine, there are many types of dysfunction that can happen during pregnancy and after birth in the pelvic area. Talking to your doctor about your concerns, whether it's pain with sitting or sex, incontinence, or anything else that doesn't seem right, is important. If you don't feel like your doctor is hearing you, talk to a physical therapist or a professional who works with birthing women who can point you in the right direction.

Part of self-care after having your baby, is literally caring for yourself. Peeing during a sneeze, discomfort, and painful sex are not things you just have to live with because it comes with the territory of having a baby. While these issues may seem embarrassing or hard to deal with, know you are not alone and many moms are experiencing what you are! We encourage you to find support for your pelvic floor, and as always we are happy to support YOU in any way we can.