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2018 Goal Setting: How We Set Goals as Busy Moms

By now you have probably read a half dozen articles about goal setting or perhaps scrolled through a hundred feeds full of 2018 resolutions. The beginning of the year is full of motivational articles with great intentions of inspiring you to kick the year off to a great start. We know as moms ourselves, setting goals and making them happen is no small feat. Goal setting and planning for a year is hard when you might be expecting a baby, growing a baby to a toddler, or helping a kid become a teenager. Here is how we set goals here at FMD and hope it brings some realistic and encouraging motivation to you for 2018.

1.) We Get Messy with Our Planning

If you think goal planning is a nice neat task we each do at the beginning of the year, well...that couldn't be further from the truth. As busy moms, we brainstorm, write goals down, scratch them out, write them down again and bounce ideas off one another. And while we dedicate time to this, we also do a lot of it with kids around. Last year, Sarah and I had one of our largest and most productive brainstorming sessions with a 6 and 18 month old running around, and the house was torn apart. Our goals were written in a sketch book because it was more important to get them down than to worry about typing them up perfectly. Of course we eventually formalized it, but the point is, get out your plans however you need. Don't wait for perfection. As busy moms, we make it work when we can and hope you do too.

2.) We Separate Our Personal, Professional, and Family Goals

We are ambitious moms, but we can’t do it all or look at all of our goals and plans at once. As the year starts at FMD, we work to make sure we separating our personal individual goals, professional, and family goals so we can assess how we might all be best successful this year. All three of those things are naturally interwoven. You can't have a successful family life if you haven't defined what that looks like to you in the scope of your personal and professional ambitions. Goals require you to work little by little, and the ability to separate success personally and professionally is helpful for us individually, and as a team.

3.) We Hold One Another Accountable and Celebrate Success

As a team, we break down personal goals, professional goals, and family goals at the start of each year. We share many of these with each other because they help us succeed as a team. We can celebrate victories and hold one another accountable in our personal and professional lives. We can give each other a reality check if we are struggling to feel like we are not meeting our goals, need more time for self care, or succeeding at a healthy work life balance. Finding your own team to hold you accountable is key to making things happen this year.

4.) We Assess Our Season of Motherhood

This year our families have lots of plans. All of our kids range from 1-7 and that means we are dealing with everything from diapers and nap schedules to school and big feelings. We know many of you feel us on that! Assessing our kids ages and seasons of life and our own season of motherhood, helps us assess what goals might be realistic. By looking at your own season of motherhood you can help set yourself up for success for the year.

So what are some of the things you want to make happen in the New Year? We want to hear from you! Click on the image below to check out our NEST Frederick page and see what other moms are planning in the New Year.