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Desserts, Doulas and a Date Night

Earlier this week we announced that we are having a "Desserts and Doulas Night." We are so excited about this event! As busy moms ourselves we know it is often hard to commit to coming out to an event so we wanted to do something different and make it extra special.

We are hoping you will grab your significant other and make a date night. Don't feel bad about getting a babysitter for your older kids, or committing to an evening for just the two of you when you could be doing something more "fun". We promise this will be a fun night!

Here is what you can expect at the event.

-Desserts...and lots of them!

-An informal introduction to what doulas do

-Meet the FMD team in a laid back setting

-Meet other couples in the same situation as you

-See the office you would come to for your prenatals or childbirth classes

-Ask any questions you might have

-Walk away with a swag bag full of local goodies for expectant moms.

We can't wait to meet you and have a fun evening together! Space is limited so sign-up here today!