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Postpartum Corner: What is the job of a Postpartum Doula?

We talk a lot about pregnancy and the time leading up to a baby's birth, but rarely in our society do we put much emphasis on the time after birth or the postpartum period. In a country where women are not guaranteed maternity leave (that is a topic for another day!) it is more common than not that women are quickly left to figure out their bodies, emotions, and new reality very quickly and without much help.

A postpartum doula has the sole purpose of focusing on mom and her well-being after her baby is born. She is there to nurture, encourage, and support. Her "work" can take on many forms.

Here are just a few examples of what a postpartum doula does:

-Help families create a plan for bringing baby home

-Stay with mom overnight at the hospital if family needs to return home

-Assist mom with feeding; including bottle and breastfeeding

-Care for baby so mom can take a shower or eat

-Discuss baby care, postpartum care, and mental health questions

-Prepare healthful meals

-Run errands for a family

-Coordinate additional care such as meal trains or childcare for older children

Our society makes moms feel like they should be up and at ‘em after having a baby. But, this time is for bonding and healing. Learning how to be a mother is new after every baby. Protecting that time is important to us and that’s why we’ve added postpartum services to our team. If you want to know more, our postpartum doula reach out today!