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The Doula Olympics

With the Olympics the last two weeks, it had us thinking... what would a Doula Olympics look like? For a laugh and a little education here is what we think.

Event #1- Squatathon

Who can squat the most number times in five minutes? Doulas can squat with the best of them in the tightest of positions. Showers, bedrooms, hospital bed sides. Wherever it is, we can squat, so this event would take place in a 2x3 foot enclosure.

Event #2- Hip Squeeze Repetitions

We got arm muscles do you? Ten minutes of hip squeezes holding for one minute long and a two minute break in between. We hold hip squeezes through contractions during the most intense parts of labor. Lose your grip and lose the relief it provides. In this event lose your grip and lose points.

Event #3- Labor Positions

After your body is tired, the next event would be all about your strength in labor positions. Get in as many positions as possible in two minutes. Points for grace and flexibility getting in and out of them. How many labor positions have we shown to moms in labor? Enough to rack up some serious points in this event.

Final Event- Birth Ball Races

Finally the Doula Olympics would end with birth ball bouncing races. Get on that birth ball and get from point A to point B in the fastest amount of time. Work that ball girl. Points for first, second and third place.

All of this would be completed after each competitor has been awake for 18 hours (minimum). Okay, who is in for Doula Olympics? Next sport for Olympics 2022?