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Our March Childbirth Weekend Class is Here! Three Reasons You Should Join

Over the last month we have been hosting several private childbirth classes for FMD clients and friends. Alison joined us as a childbirth educator earlier this year, and she has been gearing up for our first weekend childbirth class this coming weekend. We know childbirth education is important for many reasons, but here are three reasons you should join our class.

Un-Biased Information and Support

This is not a class that is associated with a hospital or a specific type of birth. You will receive information that is evidence based and not slanted towards a specific location's policies or practices. Even better it is created for both moms planning an epidural or those delivering naturally.

Top-Notch Teacher

Ok yes...we know we are biased, but we have sat through her classes and she is amazing. She gives you all the evidence-based information you need to know and manages to tailor it to all the attendees and their needs. Alison also adds her perspective and support as a mom, doula, and longtime educator. We have absolutely learned a thing or two from her and know you are in great hands.

You'll laugh a lot!

We don't take ourselves too seriously at FMD, and this class will be packed with information and a lot of laughs. Alison has a lot of experience working with families and answering any questions you may have. Nothing phases her and you are going to walk out of there knowing about birth and having had fun at the same time.

Register for our March Class Now

A complete list of our classes can be found here.