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Postpartum Corner: Finding Your NEST and Your Own Momma Community

Hello there Mommas! It's Mary; resident postpartum doula here at FMD and I am talking to you all about finding your "NEST" and your own momma community.

Our second NEST group has begun and we are so excited to dive into motherhood with these awesome women! Whether you participate in NEST or not, finding your own "nest" in motherhood is a great way to get the support you need as a new or seasoned mom. While social media is such a wonderful tool in connecting with others around us, true connection is in the time we spend together, and mothers need that more than ever. Having a village of support is crucial in those tricky postpartum months.

Here are some ideas to help you find your "nest" and create a thriving community of moms around yourself.

1. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Actually, you have our permission, ASK FOR HELP. It makes you a strong mom to recognize your moments of need. We all need a helping hand from time to time.

2. It's OK to give up toxic people!

You don’t have to continue a friendship with someone who drains you. Creating your nest also means surrounding yourself with those who uplift you. Just because you have been friends for a long time, or your families know each other, or you have babies the same age, friendship has to be a give and take, not a take take situation. Life changes, and some people aren’t along for the journey and that is okay.

3. Disconnect and Reconnect

Step away from social media a little bit, the comparison game is STRONG there. Reconnect at a library baby story time, over coffee or welcome a group of moms into your messy home. Don’t feel the need to clean for them. Allow yourself kindness and space in this messy postpartum time. Your home will be clean again, we promise.

We hope you are finding the encouragement and support you need as you navigate motherhood. Find your nest and settle in. Remember, you are so loved and you are a strong mom!

NEST and community in general is such a large part of our hearts and what we do. Join one of our NEST groups and or join or larger NEST Frederick page to stay connected to our community and get plugged in to all the events whether you have just delivered or are just looking for a community to call your own!