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Not Your Average Childbirth Class- 4 Reasons to Look Outside a Traditional Class

A huge part of this year has been adding Alison to our team. Not only is she a fantastic doula, but she is an awesome childbirth educator. Education is a HUGE part of what we do and having her on board has allowed us another awesome way to be a part of your pregnancy journey.

Below is hands down one of our most frequently asked questions.

"Why wouldn't we just take the hospital childbirth class?"

Such a great question! Hospital classes are fantastic, but here four reasons to look beyond the standard class.

1. Evidence-Based Information

Every person who teaches childbirth classes has most likely gone through some sort of training. (Alison has!) Their experience as educators, doulas and moms impacts how they teach birth. This isn't a bad thing, but the right fit is really important and having the information be evidence-based is a high priority for us. We want you to know about labor and birth and all the interventions and policies and procedures of where you are delivering from an un-biased and evidence-based standpoint. We make that a top priority and will give you the perspective of birth, not from a provider or hospitals view, but from the perspective of what evidence tells us is true. A great resource to check out if you haven't already is

2. Scheduling

You have a lot to do during pregnancy. Classes are often difficult to schedule in traditional settings and many moms end up just skipping them for this reason. We suggest moms take a class anytime after their first trimester and have classes on weekends, weeknights and offer private classes to meet your needs. Schedule and don't skip!

3. Smaller Class Size and Ability to Ask Questions

Classes in more traditional settings can be very large. I (Brittany) had more than 20 people in my first childbirth class and I certainly was not able to ask questions. Finding a class like FMDs allows you to have a more intimate setting, get to know other couples and ask all the questions you want! Win! Win! Win!

4. Relationships Beyond the Class

At FMD we love being able to take care of all of the families we work with. Alison and our entire team make sure they are available for additional questions (whether you are a doula client or not) and welcome you into our postpartum groups. Not only that, but we place you in a prenatal support group with other moms so hopefully you begin having relationships with other families even before your little one arrives.

Finding a class that is right for your family should be top priority. If you plan to deliver with medication, without, via csection, at home or at a birth center, find an educator that supports your decisions and will provide you with the education and support you need. Whether that is FMD or another educator, get educated and get into a class that works for you!

All of our classes are held at our office in Urbana, MD. Our next class is this coming Sunday on May 27th. Contact us to get more info on our summer schedule!

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