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The Unspoken Rules for Visiting a New Mom

Even as moms its easy to forget how delicate the time is when a baby is first born. We all want to visit, and snuggle, and celebrate. But truth be told, we should all try to keep in mind a few simple guidelines when visiting a new mom.

From our own experiences as moms, and hearing the truth come out from the mommas we serve, these are our top five unspoken rules to follow when you make the trip over to throw confetti for your new mom friends.

Don’t stay longer than an hour

An hour can go by really fast when you’re snuggling a newborn, but don’t lose track of time. New moms are tired, and while they definitely are loving showing off their newest pride and joy, they may also just not have the energy to share their space for long. After about an hour, the baby may need to eat, or mom may need to lay down, so let her know how happy you are to meet the little one and scooch.

Do NOT ask if the baby is sleeping through the night

Babies usually don’t sleep through the night! We seem to ask about sleep as a way of gauging how families are adjusting, but sleep is one of many factors to account for in adjusting to the new normal. Best to avoid the sleep question all together. Instead, ask if you can do anything for mom, ask if you can play with the siblings to give mom and dad a break, or simply fix mom some food and chat like usual!

Bring Food

The last thing a new mom feels like doing is cooking. Bring enough for the whole family and don’t stay to eat it with them. If you want to earn even more bonus points, bring the food in a disposable pan and bring disposable plates, utensils, and napkins. A great meal will benefit the whole family, and no clean up will bring a big smile to mom and dad’s face.

Wash your hands without being asked

This one might seem like a no brainer, but its easy to forget. Some moms might be more of a stickler than others and won’t hesitate to demand you get rid of your germs. But not everyone will be so direct and it will be such a relief when you are the one to take action without being told. Newborns do not have a fully developed immune system and washing your hands and NOT visiting if you’re sick will be very much appreciated.

Make her feel loved

Everyone is swooning over the smell and soft skin of the baby, but its important to remember to pamper mom too. She worked really hard to bring that little one into the world and while being tired is a given, she is probably feeling a whole whirlwind of emotions. Ask her how she is really doing. Offer to hold the baby while she takes a shower or a nap. Make her feel loved and cared for while building her up with encouraging words (a little pick up around the house won’t hurt either).