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Thrive through Summertime Pregnancy!

There are plenty of people (including us!) that will give you all the tips and tricks to keep you comfortable, happy, and healthy through a summer pregnancy, but what if you look at it from the other side?

While being pregnant in the summer can be extra uncomfortable, there are so many ways to focus on thriving rather than surviving! Remember, your mind is a very powerful tool! Focus on the things summer has to offer pregnancy, and just maybe you will find yourself enjoying that summer glow a bit more!

Fresh Food

Summer brings a whole host of food options that are healthy and fresh! While, yes, you can certainly find whatever you're craving in the winter, in the summer its likely to be local and much more tasty! You can visit a local farmers market and find tons of fresh produce at your fingertips! (A certain FMD team member can attest to living off juicy watermelon recently.)


Bring on all the summer dresses! No restricting maternity jeans or tight belly bands. You have every excuse to wear a flowy comfortable dress every day! Tank tops and lounge wear are your friend. Strip down and don't be afraid of a bare bump! Feel the freedom of less waist restriction.

Water, water everywhere!

All the pools are open and accessible in the summer time. While its great for cooling off, it will be a lifesaver to take some pressure off that sciatic nerve. Having that weightless feeling while you float in the water is going to feel so deserving, and you can relax and be cool all while getting the health benefits of some sunshine!

Goodbye Flu

While there are always going to be germs lurking around, you can feel good that the reason germs spread are because we all congregate indoors and snuggle in for the winter. With much more fresh air and outdoor time, the germs are not as much of an issue and our immune systems are boosted by the sunshine (see above!).

Don't dread the summer days of pregnancy. Take care of yourself and drink PLENTY of water. Focus on all the reasons summer is great, and celebrate your summertime bump!