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Preparing for Postpartum

There is so much prep when planning for a baby! Getting the nursery set up, what car seat to buy, what are feeding essentials... the list goes on and on. It’s an exciting time, and definitely one to look forward to. But in all the prep for baby, you can forget to prepare for you! Your body, your whole life will be changing, and with that comes some extra attention in taking care of yourself.

Our advice is to make preparing for YOU one of your biggest priorities, then you can move on to the family and baby. You will need recovery time! Stock up on plenty of pads, comfy underwear and lounge clothes. Make things easier on yourself by making necessities easy to grab like phone chargers, towels, and essentials like toiletries and laundry detergent. (Running out of toilet paper in the middle of a sleep deprived night can send one over the edge!) Make all your self care products ones you love! Get your favorite soap, shampoo, or lotion. Indulge in whatever treats you like (coffee, chocolate) along side a pretty new water bottle. Have a freezer meal party or do some meals yourself so you are stocked with some easy dinners. There are times when you will definitely not want to cook and you will thank yourself for that pan of lasagna!

Some other things to consider when preparing for postpartum time are your schedules (who’s going back to work when) and how much help you plan to have before and after. You're going to be tired and sore, so plan for as many extra hands as possible! If you have pets, create a plan for their care while you're in the hospital as well as a transition home.

Plan for parenting. Do you have a set idea of how to split up parenting duties or do want to figure it out as you go? Are there other children in the home who will need your attention? Having a plan to put in place when you bring your baby home will help the transition. While your plan my fly out the window in just a couple hours, the simple outline of a plan, and a lot of grace, will help you get through.

Want our entire Ultimate Postpartum Preparation Checklist for yourself? You can download it here. We hope it is a helpful tool in creating a happy postpartum for you!