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Gearing up for our Fall 2018 NEST Group

Our Fall NEST group is less than one week away and we can’t wait! This group is for moms that delivered between January and the beginning of June. (If you fall a little outside that window and have never been a part of a nest group, then you are welcome to join,)

Our first meeting is this Monday August 13th at our office in Urbana.

This is not your average mom group. There are six meetings and three play dates all designed to nurture you, empower you and strengthen you together with a group of awesome strong mommas. It is intentional in that we want to provide support where you need it and help generate relationships that last beyond these meetings.

To make this happen, each meeting there is a 30 minute guided discussion followed by time to hang out and meet other moms. A doula is always available before and after meetings for personal support on all things baby and postpartum.

We have loved getting to grow this community and we can’t wait for you to join us! If you haven’t already, get all the details by signing up via email clicking here!

And don't forget to join our community Facebook page at NEST Frederick.

We can't wait to meet you!

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