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FMD Mini Series Part II on Finding the Right Provider for You

At our team at FMD we have 9 kids between the four of us. We have delivered in a variety of ways with a variety of locations and providers which has included both midwives and OBs. This mini series is a peek at our own experiences when changing from midwives to OBs and OBs to midwives and how to find the best provider for you.

Midwife to OB - Mary's Experience

Whether you plan to birth with an OB or a midwife, at home, at a birthing center or at a hospital - things can always change in your plans. For the birth of my second child, I planned to birth with a midwife at a hospital, like my first child. Up until about 30 weeks I met with my midwives, who monitored me and baby with care and expertise. As Brittany mentioned in part one of this series, midwives are experts in standard of care pregnancies and around 30 weeks I found out we had some unexpected complications that were outside of their care.

I was being cared for by Midwifery Care Associates who work with the OBs of Simmonds Martin & Helmbrecht, so the switch was seamless. There were no new offices and since I was familiar with them, I trusted their guidance. I was sad I wasn’t going to be able to go with my original plan especially since my first experience had been great with their team. I was concerned for my baby and I knew to listen to their guidance, that they could no longer care for me. My experience going forward with the OBs were still great. They were gentle and caring. They helped explain the medical jargon I was not familiar with and were patient in helping us plan for some tough outcomes. I had a lot of emotions and the OBs I saw were understanding and helpful.

One thing that made our transition easier was having an experienced doula on our side. When we switched and had to change our plan, our doula worked with us to explain exactly what a c-section would look like. She also explained how my husband could be supportive and how to plan for afterwards. Without this knowledge I think this experience could have been quite shocking. We knew a c-section was a possibility and in the end we did end up with a c-section. The support of a doula was amazingly helpful and she worked side by side with our OB to create a comforting environment.

Whatever choice you make in deciding on your birth, is a good one, midwife or OB. OBs are able to perform c-sections, can handle more complicated mom/baby cases, and sometimes are more medical/technical in their care. Midwives tend to have a more natural approach but cannot perform c-sections and some higher risk situations are out of their scope of practice. If you have to make a switch for whatever reason, make sure to prepare yourself. Each OB has their own style and finding one that is right for you is important.

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