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FMD Mini Series Part III- 5 Tips for Finding the Right Provider for You

Finding the right provider for your pregnancy or annual exams can be tough. Here are five tips that we suggest to find the right provider for you. We even included some of our favorite providers and their websites and phone numbers so you can start searching for the right provider for you today!

1. Consider location and your family's needs

If you have kids, a practice that is further away or with longer wait times is not ideal. We definitely agree that driving for a good doctor is worth it, but don't do it at your sanity's expense. Find a provider that will support not just you, but your entire family and meets you where you are in your life.

2. Research and decide where you want to deliver

If you are expecting a baby or trying to conceive, research your local options. Do you want to deliver at home, a birth center, or is there a particular hospital you like? Call and see what doctors deliver there and if they work with your insurance.

3. Ask a friend who has similar views on birth

The second part of that is extremely important. Someone who is looking for a repeat c-section, is not going to provide you the same recommendations as someone who is looking for a natural birth. Find other moms with similar perspectives on birth and health and see where they are happy.

4. Attend a meet and greet

Many practices have meet and greets or other events for you to meet their providers. Simply call and ask for the next date and time. If they don't have one scheduled, ask to schedule a time to meet with a provider. Websites and referrals are great, but getting a face to face meeting can give you the confidence you need in choosing the right provider.

5. Switch if you are not happy

There are no rules that say if you are not happy with the provider your chose that you can not switch. If you are unhappy, find a new provider that fits you better. You deserve it!

Because we are busy moms too, we included a few of our favorite practices below as well as their numbers so you have no excuses and can make an appointment for yourself today!

Simmonds Martin & Helmbrecht


Midwifery Care Associates


Frederick Birth Center

1 240.815.5309

The OB & GYN Center

Dr. Debra Acarenza


OBGYN Shady Grove

Dr. Amy Ampey


Riverside Midwifery


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