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Ask the Educator: When do I take a Childbirth Class?

Hey Everyone! Today on “Ask the Educator” we are going to discuss the best time to take childbirth education classes. I often get asked if there is a perfect time in your pregnancy to take a class. Hopefully by the end of this you will have a good idea.

How late is too late?

I have had moms come to me in their 36th week and ask if it's too late for a class. Is it? Well, as long as you're not in labor it is never too late, but you might want to do your planning a little earlier in your pregnancy. Babies can come early, moms can get sick, things happen. Ideally you would want to finish class on or before your 36th week. This should give you plenty of time to talk with your birth team about your plan and ask questions to your care provider if you have any needs or concerns. You also have enough time to practice any comfort measures or tools you may have learned about, but not too much time where you may start forgetting them.

How early is too early?

Generally you want to wait until after the first trimester to take your classes. We know it is such an exciting time in your life and you want to do all things baby right away, but a lot can be forgotten between 12 and 40 weeks. The ideal time to take a class is around 24-32 weeks. You want to make sure you do your research, choose the class and sign up before this time which puts you at about 20 weeks when you should start planning.

Remember there is no wrong time to take a class. Learning about the childbirth process and all that it entails is super important and I’d much rather you take it whenever fits best into your schedule then not take it at all. But as you try to find the “perfect” time for you and your family, hopefully these suggestions help guide you in your planning.

We have several classes starting soon. Check out our class page to find the best one for you! I look forward to seeing you! All size bumps welcome :)

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