What is a doula, and why do I need one?

What is a Doula? 

Yea, we agree it is kind of a funny word. But, it has a lot of history and a lot of meaning.

The word doula has a greek origin, meaning, a woman who serves. For centuries, women have been helping women bring life into the world. As modern medicine has evolved, the roles of support women in labor have changed. Yet women still need the help and support of other women during this life changing experience. Doulas fulfill this role by providing expertise, experience, physical, emotional, and informational support. Doula support comes before, during, and after birth to give women and families a healthy and positive experience.

Why Hire a Doula? 

Whether you are a first time mom or an experienced mom, we can help.

Emotional Well-being

If you ask a woman details of the day she gave birth, chances are she can tell you everything down to what she ate for breakfast. The day a baby is born is a birth-day for baby as well as the new mom and family. Studies show that how that day goes has a large impact on many aspects of motherhood, family life, and well-being from that point forward.


Physical and Emotional Support

Research shows having a doula can significantly decrease the need for interventions during birth, including lowering the rate of cesarean section. This is a huge concern for many first time moms as well as moms looking to have a VBAC. With the training and labor experience we have received, we are able to help you manage your pain, emotions, and decisions, to be in line with your goals and needs.


Clinical Education

Knowledge is power and that could not be more true than during labor. Women with doulas tend to have shorter labors, request pain medication less often, and have a higher satisfaction with their birth experience.



A lot of women want to breastfeed and we want to help. Breastfeeding support is available once your baby is born and can be followed-up within your postpartum visit. Research shows the more a mom is supported to breastfeed, the likelihood is increased that she will be successful.

What might a Doula do during Birth? 

During labor, a doula is trained to provide emotional and physical support. Often doulas can help you to understand medical terminology so you can make more informed decisions. She can help facilitate communication between you, family members, and your medical team. Physical support is also provided through massage, counter pressure, and touch. Helping the mother to find positions and movements to help labor progress is also central. These are things the doula can help dad to provide mom as well. Should you elect or need a cesarean section, a doula can provide all the same support, and help you to remain calm, informed and relaxed.